Every time it rains…

Buildings, streets, sidewalks, parking lots and densely compacted lawns in urban areas prevent water from infiltrating the soil. When rain hits these hard surfaces it runs off to the nearest water body via the storm sewer. On its way it picks up animal waste, leaves, cigarette butts, chemicals, fuels, heavy metals and litter. These get deposited straight into lakes and rivers, making them hazardous for swimming and aquatic life. Often during heavy rains the storm sewer grills get clogged with debris and whole streets fill up like swimming pools. (Read more…)

Let’s do something about it!

 soak it upKeep it clean


There are many actions you can take to reduce the risk of flooding and keep our water clean. These actions work by slowing down the volume of rain, allowing rain and snow melt to soak into the ground, and choosing safer alternatives or proper disposal of common contaminants. If  everyone does their part, we will all benefit by reduced risk of flooding, cleaner beaches to swim at, safer water to drink, and a more diverse and healthy aquatic ecosystem. Learn what you can do by browsing the website or taking part in activities put on by one of our local member offices.