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Depave rain garden tour


RAIN Achievements

The RAIN team and community participants have worked hard and we've got the numbers to prove it! Here are some of the highlights:

• engaged over 15,000 people face-to-face
• depaved 5,000 square feet of hard surfaces
• created rain gardens totalling .5 hectares
• planted 200 trees, 70 shrubs, 600 plants/flowers
• diverted 7097 m³ of stormwater from storm sewers
• raised over $200,000 in matching funds (plus $1million for Kitchener-Waterloo)
• held 70 special events with over 3000 participants
• held 66 hands-on workshops with 1200 participants in nine communities
• received 160 media hits, including newspaper, television and radio
• conducted 20 test RAIN home visits in 2012. Performing 330 visits in 2013

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