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Help ensure ongoing support for RAIN in your community.

If you appreciate the objectives and benefits of the RAIN program, please consider sending a letter of support on behalf of you and your neighbourhood. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment should support this program. Sending this letter reminds decision makers that this program is important and has lasting beneficial impacts in communities across Ontario. Consider sending a letter to your local municipality as well.

Letter Text

The Honourable James J. Bradley
Minister of the Environment
77 Wellesley Street West
11th Floor, Ferguson Block
Toronto ON M7A 2T5
Cc:; (and your local M.P.P.)

Re: We need your support for water quality protection in our community.

Dear Minister Bradley,
I am writing to urge you to support a valuable new environmental program, RAIN: An ecological approach to stormwater management. RAIN, a program of Green Communities Canada and its members, motivates action to reduce non-point source pollution entering Ontario's lakes and rivers via storm sewers. Every time it rains a host of pollutants including bacteria, road salt, fertilizers, chemicals, fuels and heavy metals wash off our lawns, driveways, sidewalks and streets, running directly into lakes and rivers via the underground storm sewer system making them hazardous for drinking, swimming and marine life.
As part of the RAIN program, local Green Community organizations build demonstration projects, organize events, and host workshops on solutions like rain barrels, porous paving, dog waste composters, and rain gardens. Green Communities organize tours of model stormwater projects, staff booths at community events and mobilize individuals and neighbourhoods to take immediate action to divert thousands of litres of polluted stormwater from entering the system. Diverted rain is then filtered naturally by the soil and recharges our precious groundwater aquifers. These actions will protect our beaches, wildlife and drinking water for years to come.
We need you to help protect Ontario's water quality by supporting the RAIN program in our community.
Thank you for your consideration.


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